Tis’ The Season!

It窶冱 that time of year again窶ヲ.. during my travels through the past week I have noticed lots of smiling faces and stores decorated with holiday cheer. ツWhether we bear the crowds and traffic in search of the perfect gift or just develop a callous from using our mouse to search the internet until we are nauseous窶ヲ. ツI am reminded of the most common question I am asked outside of the engagement ring realm.ツ Once my honey already has the engagement ring and the wedding band 窶 what do I buy next? The answer depends what you are looking for, because jewelry, in my humble opinion, always makes a great gift no matter the occasion.ツ Then it窶冱 just a matter of budget.ツ A nice bracelet or pendant goes a long way.ツ Most people also forget to buy themselves a nice dress watch for special occasions or big meetings.ツ But if you are looking for a diamond recommendation, I say go for studs or the solitaire pendant and you can窶冲 go wrong.ツ Diamond studs work withツANY outfit and will be worn almost as often as that engagement ring!