Diamond Jen hard at work polishing a Diamond.

Diamond Jen hard at work polishing a Diamond.

1. Why did you start advice on THE RING?
In the beginning I was 窶廛iamond Jen窶 the friend who was working in the diamond industry and the go to gal to help guide them through the murky waters of diamond and ring shopping.ツ But once all my friends were married off, it evolved into friends of friends and then just strangers who wanted some assistance and had heard of me.ツ When I started working with new clients I heard some of the horror stories people had experienced purchasing from the internet or disreputable jewelers.ツ Every industry from clothing, cars or real estate has individuals that are honest, that make and/or sell a quality product and charge fair price.ツ Conversely, every industry has individuals who are out to make a quick buck at the expense of others.ツ Shopping for diamonds is a bit more daunting for the average person.ツ It窶冱 much more foreign than purchasing real estate or automobiles.ツ ツIt窶冱 also one of the top three purchases a consumer can make in a lifetime along with a house or car. ツSince diamonds are made from nature they are all unique.ツ There are ways to use this inherent nature of diamonds to your advantage as a buyer, and that窶冱 what I try to help my clients do.ツ I wanted to use my skills as an engagement expert to start a company whose mission it is to help people find the best engagement ring for their money, and leave them feeling confident about their decision.

2. What qualifies you as a diamond and jewelry expert?
I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.ツ Shortly after that I attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and received a Graduate Gemologist degree.ツ Basically I started my career learning all about how rocks and gems were formed and then moved on to the GIA, where I learned how to identify and grade diamonds and gems.ツ For a time I actually worked at a couple of different laboratories grading diamonds 窶 so I have a unique insight into how those certificates/reports are generated. ツThe last nine years of my career have been as a global trainer, traveling the world to train jewelry sales associates on the finer points of selling diamonds and engagement rings.ツ But what probably really sets me apart from other individuals, with over a decade of experience in the jewelry industry, is that I have had the opportunity to train with master diamond cutters to learn the art of polishing a diamond.

3. When you were learning how to polish a diamond what did you find to be the most interesting part?
What constantly amazes me about the art of diamond polishing is that it truly is an art.ツ It窶冱 true that technology has advanced to the point where a diamond can be cut entirely by machine.ツ However, these diamonds will never be ideal cut or have a polish as good as a diamond that is cut by the hands of man.ツ Diamond companies that produce the most beautiful diamonds still employ master diamond cutters who use the same techniques of polishing that have been practiced for generations.

4. Why do you think people opt for the consulting services?
The consulting services are there to provide a sense of reassurance for my clients.ツ The website is full of useful information to help guide them through their engagement ring purchase.ツ At the end of the day, it is a major purchase that represents your love and commitment to someone and I wanted to be able to offer people more than just words on a screen 窶 I want to be able to offer a guiding voice.ツ A navigator on the ship through the murky waters.ツ My clients appreciate the ability to choose what level of assistance they think they could benefit from.

5. Do you only help people who are selecting an engagement ring?
No, the engagement ring is usually the starting point for most of my clients.ツ However, once the relationship has been established a number of clients come back seeking advice for anniversary gifts, push presents, birthday窶冱, Christmas and Valentine窶冱 Day.

6. Do you only give advice regarding diamonds?
The core of the business is centered around diamonds and that is certainly where my passion lies 窶 I am 窶廛iamond Jen窶 after all 窶 but as a Graduate Gemologist I am trained in colored stones as well. ツI am always happy to work with a couple who wants to do something a bit more avant- garde, like a custom design with a colored stone or jade. Some couples will select the diamond center-stone in an engagement ring but then accent with colored stones that have some significance in their relationship.ツ The goal is always to help guide my clients to the ring of their dreams and make sure they are getting value for their money.

7. What is your favorite part about helping a couple get engaged?
Selfishly I love being a part of the beginning.ツ Getting engaged is the first step down the road to the happily-ever-after.ツ I am a sappy romantic at heart, so I love to hear the stories about how couples met, why they love each other, what they want to incorporate into their engagement ring, and of course the proposal. ツIn a small way I get a window into the very best part of a relationship and I think it窶冱 the most amazing job in the world.ツ I am constantly surrounded by people in love 窶 what could be better than that?

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