Table Mountain

Admittedly I am a bit behind in the blogging...distracted by the beauty of this country combined with the spotty internet service....ツ Sufficed to say I did not fall off the map, nor Table Mountain.ツ Table Mountain, arguably the most recognizable of Cape Towns geologic features, is also one of its greatest tourist attractions.

A charming cable car ascends the 3500 feet to the top of the mountain.ツ As you rise, the rotating floor provides you with breathtaking views of Cape Town and the surrounding countryside.ツ The more adventurous can opt to hike to the top of the mountain and abseil down if they wish.

Our visit was a beautiful sunny day with very little wind - which can be rare at the top of Table Mountain.ツ But windy or not be sure to bring your sunscreen and a hat if you are of the fair skinned variety - as with all of South Africa the sun is very strong. Once we arrived at the top I was impressed by the views, the amount of tourists and the fabulous looking food they served at the cafe (we only got an ice-cream).ツ I was also perplexed by the amount of parents who thought it was a good idea to hang their children over the edge of the railing in order to get a better view - as if being able to see miles in every direction behind the safety of the railing was just not good enough and the extra 2 feet of arms length really was required for the children to see better.

We wandered the trails along the top of the mountain, stopping occasionally to soak in the majesty of it all.ツ The trails can go for quite a distance and you could spend several hours just hiking along the top.ツ I would recommend packing a picnic lunch, finding a secluded spot and stealing a romantic moment.

While in Cape Town you may notice the phenomenon of the "table cloth" that occasionally adorns Table Mountain.ツ Its when the clouds form a thin layer right over the top of the mountain and part way down the side.ツ I learned during this visit that this is not a random freak of nature but rather a smoking contest between the Devil and the pirate Van Hunks - as they puff away at their pipes the table cloth appears.