Royal Wedding

With the world all a buzz and clamoring for information its no surprise that the Royals have responded - theツ Royal wedding website has been launched!ツ I congratulate Prince William and soon-to-be Princess Catherine and am beyond pleased that her gorgeous sapphire ring is no longer hidden away.ツ But what would a wedding be without a little scandal.ツ It seems Sarah Ferguson was not invited to the wedding .ツ Well, it is an intimate ceremony after all, with only your family and closest 1900 friends.ツ While the article I have linked to is basically pure conjecture, it is a fun read.ツ The other ruffle involves Facebook shutting down Kate Middleton accounts around the world, without notification.ツ If those are the only scandals that pop up then I would say the royal love birds have nothing to worry about.ツ What they really need to be concerned about is how they look on those commemorative coins.