Rock Your Wedding

As you may or may not know, after I am fortunate enough to work with someone on their engagement ring, I am usually called back for a bit of advice regarding wedding bands.  It’s never at the top of a newly engaged couples “To Do” list.  That’s usually Church, Venue, Dress.  I am usually located in the middle near DJ and cake.  While everything on the “To Do” list needs to get done, I want to talk for a minute about one of my neighbors – DJ.  This is the unsung hero of the wedding reception.  We all remember the great wedding where we danced the night away and every song was so good we just couldn’t sit down.  Conversely, we have all been stuck at that wedding reception where one poorly chosen song after another rambles on – you half expect a tumble weed to go rolling across the empty dance floor. 

So ladies and gentlemen, l say ROCK YOUR WEDDING!!!! 

You know how I like to share - because good things should never be kept secret.  As I plan my own wedding I was introduced to Sound Image Entertainment.  Can I say love at first sight and not mean my fiancé?  Brandon and Kami are a fun loving couple who just want to make your day as special as possible.  Not only will they spin the tunes that keep everyone groovin’, they have the power to transform any venue with the mere power of light.  They are kinda like wedding reception super-heroes.  I know, I gush, but you don’t have to take my word for it, check out all the other happy couples they have worked with.

Trust me when I tell you, if you are getting married in the Sacramento area and need a DJ, Brandon and Kami, of Sound Image Entertainment, are the only people you need to call. And if you can’t trust Diamond Jen, who can you trust?