Not Just Regular Romance

There are only two days left before the big V-Day 窶 have you gotten your special someone a special something?ツ Looking for something romantic other than a fancy dinner and flowers but don窶冲 want to break the bank?ツ Here are a few suggestions that might be worth a try窶ヲ窶ヲツ How about a romantic, candlelit, bubble bath with your sweethearts favorite cocktail (chocolates are always a winner in this situation as well).ツ If you are not a poet you can always Google romantic poetry and copy the words of famous romantics and leave them as little love notes around the house for your sweetheart to find.ツツ Flowers are always a good idea but maybe instead of the standard roses you could give your honey their birth-flower 窶 for help check out How about making your sweetie breakfast in bed for a nice surprise 窶 even if you can窶冲 cook, a bowl of cereal with toast, or fruit and some juice will still win you points.ツ Book a couples massage 窶 that窶冱 a win, win for all involved 窶 I promise!ツ Pack a picnic lunch, grab your sweetheart and head off to your closest body of water 窶 the beach, the river, a lake 窶 find a secluded spot and enjoy some much deserved private time.ツ Sign up for a cooking class 窶 you know what they say about couples that cook together, they really cook together.ツ Surprise your sweetie at their work place for a spontaneous couples lunch.ツ Why not download the Star Walk app, grab your honey, a blanket and head away from the city lights for some romantic stargazing.ツ Of course, what kind of engagement expert would I be if I did not recommend the ultimate Valentine gift 窶 a proposal!