A Pinch of Salt Over Your Left Shoulder

I know I should probably save this one for Halloween, but as I was researching another project I came across some superstitions regarding engagement rings and felt the need to share.  

They say to lose, alter or remove your engagement ring is bad luck or at the very least a bad omen.  The worst of all is to allow another woman to wear your engagement ring, it seems that’s kind act will result in that woman stealing your man!

For those hopeful romantics out there, they say that the light that shines off a diamond (the sparkle factor, as I like to call it) wards of evil spirits.  May be it blinds them?

Conversely, they say that the brilliance of a diamond will dim when it comes in the vicinity of a lie or a liar.  Careful ladies, you don’t want poor jewelry cleaning habits to convince you that you’re surrounded by fibbers.

Some of these superstitions may be familiar and some may be new – but this is not the something old and something new they are referring to in the “something borrowed and blue” adage.  Never let a superstition get in the way of a good relationship.