Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to adviceonTHERING!

In celebration of turkey day I wanted to try to find out if there was ever a diamond cut into a turkey shape. I have seen a horse-head and a tennis racquet, but not a turkey. Well, despite the old college try, I could not find any information regarding a Turkey shaped diamond.

The closest I came was the Spoonmaker's diamond 窶 a pear shaped, 86 ct diamond, surrounded by a double row of 49 old mine cut round diamonds. The Spoonmaker's diamond is part of the Imperial Treasury housed in the Topkapi Palace in Turkey.

As with many famous diamonds the true origin of the Spoonmaker is surrounded in mystery. There are a number of tales as to how the infamous gem got its name 窶 from the simple explanation that a spoon-maker found it窶ヲ.. to the tale of a disreputable jeweler, who traded a fisherman three spoons for the piece of 窶徃lass.窶