Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Over the years I have seen some exquisite pieces of jewelry.ツ Some of it in museums, some being worn, some in vaults in private collections.ツ Some pieces were dazzling but totally impractical and some pieces were so creative in nature, that only their owner could love them.ツ You all know what I am talking about, that hideous piece of jewelry that someone is super proud of and loves to show off.ツ There are even contests on the web for ugly jewelry.ツ But here is the thing; jewelry is a way to mark significant events, significant emotions and a way to spoil ourselves. So while a gold coin necklace, surrounded by brown diamonds and seed pearls, may not be your cup of tea 窶 if it marks the grand European trip that someone took when they were 20 and met the love of their life, who are we to judge? So I say live it up 窶 wear it all 窶 love it all!!